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Project Description

This application's purpose is to make Darklands game experience a bit more easier for today's gamers.


Q: What is this project about?
A: Read "features" chapter below

Q: What is Darklands
A: Ancient but awesome RPG from Microprose with German medieval theme. Wikipedia

Q: Where to get it?
A: Here: Steam and Gog

Q: Does this tool work when I run game with Dosbox?
A: It was designed to work with Dosbox (actually it probably won't work without it).

Q: What language version are supported.
A: I have only English version of the game.

Q: My question was not covered / I have other feedback / my save game does not work
A: Send me email to illusium (at)


Save game editor
  • Edit party's global reputation, philosopher's stone quality, money and bank notes.
  • Modify the character's attribute and skill points.
  • Modify known saints & alchemy recipes for each character in party
  • Quest Log
  • Equipment editor: modify quality and count of items in inventory.
  • Edit character full and nickname, age, gender, shield icon, image & image colors. Please note the the color preview shown in editor is only rough estimate of the final in-game color.

Remember to take backups from your save games before editing!


Game Companion
  • Attaches to the game process while playing to read values directly from the memory. Unfortunately this means that it will probably only work with the English Steam version of the game running in Dosbox-emulator.
  • Shows clue book saint descriptions when learning new saints in churches, monasteries, etc.
  • During the encounters, companion will show the saints which could help solve the problem (even if they are not yet known by anyone in the party).
  • Implement 'saint finder' so user can find known saints based on the attribute/skill it enhances and things like water walking or improvement to local reputation.
  • Display the quality levels of alchemy recipes when buying new ones.


  • Add view which enables user's to modify character stats 'on the fly' while playing

Suggestions welcome!

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